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Why Join?

Good question!  Too many decisions are being made without our input, politicians treat us like an afterthought during election years. It is the UN International Decade for People of African Descent 2015 to 2024 and many governments are just starting to spend some money!

In 2020, the world turned upside down on so many levels, it is time for the Black Community to pull together on many levels.  This is just one alliance, we need more and we need to work together.

We are reaching out to get your input on how we can make this Alliance work for you and our community.


Please fill out from at the bottom and choose the best date that works for you, limited capacity per date, to facilitate conversation and networking


One thing ‘the Rona’ has taught us is, we do not have to restrict ourselves to walls and geography!  We will use technology to bring us together across the globe! We will create  working groups based on current needs and interests. Seminars, presentations, and keynote speakers can be more interactive.

Do not worry, we will not throw away face to face interactions and will do so when it is safe to do so.

Goal Buddies

Do you have ideas and goals, but need someone to give you that extra nudge or push? The Goal Buddies program will match you with someone who is in the same boat and together you can work towards your goals, by making each other accountable.

Job Boards

We ask that our members share any opportunities that they may have at their workplace and will work towards asking organizations to list career opportunities on the NBAA site.

Self Promotion!

Resume, there will be an option to post your resume on the site, with your listing (email address and city only)

Social media and website links can be added to your listing

Would you like to promote your services or products, let us know and we can talk about the best way to do so. Please check out for another opportunity to list your Black owned businesses and organizations.

Mentoring Program

We are closely connected to the National Black Students Alliance ( and they are looking for mentors for students from grade 7 to PhD.

Forums, Seminars, Presentations, Articles

Mental Health & Wellness

Financial Literacy


Professional Development

And more!

Leadership Opportunities

Become a Representative for your university/college Black Alumni Association

Forget TedTalks, We Have Our Own Version

(just can’t agree on the name, yet)

A place to hear from other members & leaders

To Request a Membership Form, please fill out the below

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